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    • New “tour flight dimple pattern”

      Newly developed dimple shape creates further flight distance. The new “Tour Flight Dimple Pattern” adopts a dimple design with a shallow depth and a steep wall angle while maintaining the 322 dimple pattern for the first time in about 10 years, in order to improve flight distance by improving aerodynamic performance. . The shallower design reduces unnecessary air resistance when climbing, while the steeper angle of the dimple walls increases lift when descending, resulting in an overall longer carry distance.


    • Yellow for visibility

      The newly developed “high visibility yellow urethane cover” is adopted. Underneath the UV-resistant exterior paint, a yellow cast urethane material is used to further enhance the durability of the color.


    • 5 layer structure

      TaylorMade’s unique 5-layer structure enhances the initial velocity performance of the driver and achieves longer flight distance, while maintaining the appropriate amount of spin necessary for each number, especially the amount of backspin on the green side. thing. The “tri-fast core structure (1 to 3 layers)” receives impact and efficiently transmits energy to eliminate unnecessary backspin and create flight distance. In addition, the “dual spin cover (4/5 layers)”, which uses a soft yet highly durable cast urethane (TSU: thermoset urethane) material for the outer cover (5th layer), demonstrates high green side backspin performance. By doing so, the best performance can be achieved with all clubs from the teeing area to the green.


  • speed layer system

    Continuing from the previous work, the “speed layer system” that incorporates the new material “HFM = HIGHFLEX MODULUS” is adopted for the fourth layer “inner cover” from the core. Compared to the material used in the original TP5 series, the material is 30% more elastic than the material used in the original TP5 series. Contribute to higher performance.



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